N project:

N is a new cryptocurrency based on Proof Of Capacity, with an upgraded version of POA mining, with a perfect economic model and consensus algorithm; using the hard disk as a consensus participant, reducing the consumption of cryptocurrency power resources; N mining reduction Participation in the threshold, making its production mode more decentralized, more secure and reliable; relative to POW mining, POA mining is more green and energy efficient, low power consumption, low noise, no heat, anti-ASIC; reduce the consensus credit cost, Enhance the security of consensus strength, breadth and consensus structure.

N company:

Headquartered in the United States, N is a team of core members of the R&D team of top blockchain technology geeks (including Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.) and a number of university professors. Strong technical strength, recognized by the industry. After more than a year of research and development, N officially launched the global market in September 2019.

⊙invon Capital's US-based company is a team of professional managers, traders and analysts who handle capital markets, cryptocurrency transactions, alternative investments in IT start-ups, and educational activities in these areas.

⊙invon Capital is registered in the United States with a share capital of £2557,000.

⊙Invon Capital is certified by the US MSB, and the US MSB (Money Service Business) is issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (abbreviated as FinCEN) under the US Treasury. In March 2018, the US Treasury and the Securities Regulatory Commission made it clear that MSB is a virtual currency exchange and its managers.

⊙ Having an arbitrage experience of 20 years of national currency and trading in a 10-year digital currency.

⊙International education company, teaching blockchain technology and foreign exchange trading philosophy

Prior to the introduction of the N-blockchain platform, the company was already well-known in Colorado, USA, with a physical Bitcoin mining industry in Colorado, USA, and the largest purchaser of Colorado graphics cards in the United States, with its incubating team in Forex. Market and digital currency market transactions have professional quantitative technology, and can accurately predict the market trend. In Europe, we have held many large-scale offline education and training conferences on financial transactions, and online trading technology training has been broadcasted online through social platforms.

Company management project operation experience:

1. Since 2014, the company has provided market value management services for more than ten domestic and foreign listed companies. Currently, there are 5 listed companies under management.

2. It has the largest scale mines in Europe and America and the world's top multi-currency exploration calculus technology. There are currently 4 mines, 3 mines in Poland, 4 mines in Germany, and 5 mines in preparation.


Environmental mining

The POC mechanism does not require a large amount of electricity to be mined. Therefore, the demand for electricity prices is not high (of course, low electricity prices can obtain higher returns), and even after taking the peak reduction measures, it can achieve mine at home, and use enterprise-class hard drives, the total working time is far more than the ASCT film store Industry card.

Natural anti-monopoly

BTC. ETH is heavily monopolized. Larger mines have better location and power resources and scale advantages can guarantee stable returns. Small mines survive but struggle. Compared to the FPOC mechanism, it is naturally resistant to monopoly.

Low input costs

Although the amount of investment in the early stage of hard disk mining is larger than that of dry computing, the cost in power and operation and maintenance is far less than that of power calculation. The overall cost is lower than that of the calculation. The hard disk resources are compared with the hard disk resources. ASIC chips and graphics cards are easier to obtain.

Lower risk

The advent of the bear market has caused the big calculation currency to break through the shutdown price analysis. A large number of mines in China and abroad have closed down. Once the mining machine used to dig the BTC is discarded, it is worthless like scrap iron. The POC system utilizes hard disk + server mining. Even if it does not mine, it has a certain residual value and the risk is low.


N background:

The POW mode represents Bitcoin, which requires the participation of physical mining machines, and the mining machine consumes a large amount of power resources. According to Digiconomist's Bitcoin energy consumption index, as of November 20, 2017, the annual electricity consumption of global bitcoin mining is about 29.5 5 W W h . This means that Bitcoin mining now uses more than 159 countries' annual electricity. Bitcoin earns block rewards through competitive computing. The upgrade of the mining machine's computing power technology has continuously depreciated the mining machine. As a result of the huge reduction in profits, the result of vicious competition has allowed the participants with no advantage to be forced to bear huge economic losses.

Compared with the power generated by POW, it proves that in the era of great navigation, POA will open up a new era of navigation based on hard disk capacity proof. POA uses hard disk as the main carrier of consensus, so that more ordinary people can participate in the construction of computing power through their own computers, and can return to the original intention of Nakamoto to design POW, so that everyone can participate in the center. The road to innovation.

The algorithm consensus mechanism of N is improved on the basis of the traditional POA (Proof of Apacity), which is intended to solve the following problems in the existing situation:

1. The miners do not hold the currency, and all the mining proceeds are used for the smashing, the price is getting lower and lower, the profit is getting thinner and thinner, and the vicious circle;

2. The promotion team lacks financial support, resulting in low promotion efficiency and insufficient market confidence;

3. The proportion of electricity is too high. In terms of bitcoin, the current power ratio has reached 65%, and miners have to pay for electricity.


The N project is a new cryptocurrency based on POA and capacity proof. Its main feature is to use the hard disk as a consensus participant, reduce the consumption of power resources by cryptocurrency, lower the threshold for participation, and make its production mode more decentralized, more secure and credible, and everyone can participate. The mining of cryptocurrencies generates credit and value through mathematical algorithms and distributed mining. Redefining the new era of value Internet, with "computing power" as the value carrier, and establishing a decentralized platform for enhancing global computing resources.



N Hematopoiesis

The trading of digital currency: the mine mining machine is continuously profiting 24 hours a day, and the multi-currency exploration and calculation technology can timely convert and excavate the currency with the largest profit.

N Goals

The completely decentralized public chain structure determines that N is a never-ending capital feast. Any user in the world who participates in the N network through mobile phones or computers will become a public chain node and provide network services for the whole system.

N Global Consensus Program

The N Global N Energy Pool Project is a community-wide mining project based on the N Eco-Value Circle. With the tenet of “exploiting and innovating, investing in the future”, we will take advantage of the multi-industry layout advantage of the bottom-up blockchain layer of the N community ecological value circle to achieve the goal of N-value growth for all community users.

N technology development

2019/8 N's creation block was dug up, opening an innovative mining experiment and unconditional capacity mining in the first month.


N Open the economic model experiment of conditional capacity mining.

When the whole network computing power enters a healthy growth, it can join the flexible economic model according to the community consensus.

The capacity of the whole network reaches 3000 P, and the zero-knowledge proof function component is added to improve the TPS.

The network capacity reaches 6000 P, and iteratively advanced the CPOA consensus algorithm.

The network has a capacity of 10,000 P, based on the capacity-based distributed encryption and stable currency system, serving the application layer. N is committed to creating a valuable financial system that changes the way cryptocurrencies are produced.